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Requirements for Transfer of Callsign Ownership:

  • During the Transfer Ownership process you will be prompted to enter the SMART User Name and password of the current holder of the callsign you are attempting to transfer.
  • We may, with agreement of the previous vessel owner, release the callsign for allocation to the new owner of the vessel. We determine this authority with the User Name and password of the existing holder of the callsign. If you are the new owner, you will need to obtain this User Name and password from the previous owner to prove you are the new owner.
  • As an alternative method of transferring a callsign, the previous vessel owner may firstly release the callsign, making it freely available for you to register (you can specify this callsign as your first choice during the application process).
  • If the previous vessel owner is unable to supply his/her SMART User Name and password, support is available in order to retrieve it.
  • Further information on this process can be found on our Frequently Asked Question page.
  • Please note that callsigns in the ZMG series, however, are automatically generated and cannot be re-allocated to the new owner of a vessel.
  • Only ZME and ZMF series callsigns can be transferred.
  • If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.


Is the new owner already an RSM client (licence holder)?

No, I am not an existing client
Yes, I am an existing client

How do I know if I am an existing client?
Search the Register for my Client ID



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