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Licencing Requirements

+ Do I have to be licensed to use my radio and do I really need a callsign?

+ What radio qualification do I need to operate my marine radio?

+ What type of marine radio callsign will I require?

+ What should I do if I only have a VHF radio?

+ Will you come aboard my vessel to confirm I have a SSB radio fitted?

+ Who can carry out a ship radio survey or inspection?

+ How can I get a copy of my MROC, or RRTOC certificate?

+ Should my handheld also have its own allocated callsign?



+ How do I get a callsign for my marine radio?

+ Do your callsigns need renewing?

+ Who can be granted a New Zealand maritime callsign?

+ Do I need to have a New Zealand residential address to apply for my callsign?

+ Can I pick my own callsign?

+ What prefix will my marine callsign have if I pick my own?

+ If my preferred callsign is available, is it guaranteed I get it?

+ What if I miss out on my preferred callsign?

+ How do I apply for an MMSI number with my callsign?

+ How do I apply for an MMSI number if I already have a callsign allocated?

+ How do I apply for a Radio Telex Number with my callsign?

+ Can you revoke my callsign after its issued?

+ Can you ever amend or release my callsign?

Maintaining my Callsign and Client Details

+ How do I change my details?

+ How do I change my address on my client record?

+ How can I maintain my ship callsign?

+ What changes can Callsigns NZ perform on my behalf?

+ I don’t need a callsign any longer, how do I release it?

+ I’ve sold my vessel, how can I transfer my callsign to the new owner?

SMART - Client IDs/Keys/Passwords

+ What is this SMART thing that you keep talking about?

+ Where do I get a SMART User Name and password?

+ I forgot my SMART User Name/password, what do I do?

+ How do I change my password to something I can remember?

+ Who can view my details?

Pricing and Payment

+ How much does it cost to apply for a marine radio callsign?

+ Will my payment be processed in a secure environment?


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